How the Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer Works?

What is an Ethylene Oxide? This is a compound that has been used for many years. It is a common compound used in the making of dyes, as well as many other industries. A number of things make this compound used in the home as well. An ethylene oxide gas Sterifier is necessary for keeping one’s shower steam clean, so that one can enjoy the spa experience in the privacy of their own home.

A number of different products that are sold for the home on the market make use of this compound to help them perform their job. Whether you need a product that will help you get your teeth as white as possible or one that can help you get rid of mold and mildew, you are likely to find one in the near future. When you get an ethylene oxide gas Sterilizer, make sure that it is made specifically to sterilize shower heads. Some brands that are sold may claim to be capable of cleaning a number of different household objects, but they aren’t going to sterilize your shower head either. If you want to be certain that your items are properly sterilized, you should purchase a branded product instead.

Fully Automatic EOT Sterilizer

It is important to understand what the Sterilization Process is Prior to choosing any ethylene oxide gas Sterilizer for hospitals. The Sterilization Process will differ depending on what type of germ you are dealing with. An example would be if you were dealing with a pesky ringworm infection, you would want to look for a product that has been specifically designed to handle ringworm infections. This means that the product is able to work with your body as an antifungal agent. The sterilization process will take place at the point where the item comes into contact with the fungus.

Increasing Demand There are a variety of different companies that sell a wide range of different products that are used in the Sterilization Process. With the increase in growing number of sterilizers being purchased, the price has become extremely affordable. There are even some companies that offer free shipping whenever you make a purchase of a particular size of the eto sterilizer. With the increase in demand, more companies have jumped into the ringworm business, increasing their stock of products to meet the demand.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer - Hospital Sterilizer

Durability The biggest advantage of purchasing a Sterilizer like the eto Sterilizer is that it is extremely durable and safe for most environments. These sterilizers do not react with water, soap or grease so they are safe for the most commonly used household cleaning environments. These sterilizers will not react with any type of cleaner so you are not left with dirty clothes after cleaning your clothes with one of these. You can use the same detergent to wash your clothing as you would normally and the clothing will remain as clean as it was before the cleaning process. Another great feature about these Ethylene gas sterilizers is that they produce very little odor.

Low Temperature Transfer The high temperature of the eto oxygen gas used in these sterilizers allows for the transfer of the compound directly to the material being sterilized. By transferring the compound directly to the material, you can avoid the heat-treating of the materials which would cause the compound to break down. The low-temperature transfer also allows for greater flexibility, which makes it possible to use less total pressure than would be possible with higher temperature sterilization methods. The ethylene oxide gas is also a low-transfer agent, meaning that there are no significant loss of material during the lysis process.

Benefits of Using Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

The most versatile organic compound, ethylene oxide, is also known as Lignan or Ethylenediamine. It is made up of two different forms of hydrogen peroxide called orthohydrogen and ortho hydroxyl. It has excellent mechanical and chemical properties that make it ideal for use in a variety of applications. It can remove 99% of airborne contaminants, such as dust, spores, germs, and viruses.

Because of its high penetrative force, the versatile ethylene oxide can serve as a suitable alternative to strong chemical agents that are very expensive but may not provide desired results. It is effective in removing microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-spiral properties, it’s commonly used in the production of antimicrobial solutions for critical medical devices and surgical equipment. It is also commonly used in the sterilization of medical equipment and devices that need to retain sterility.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer

As its popularity grows, there are a number of industries that have found great advantages in using ethylene oxide gas sterilizers. In the medical industry, the use of this product allows quick application during surgical procedures that require a minimal amount of time to prepare for surgery. It is also ideal for the sterilization of medical device parts, such as syringes and medical devices that are used to inject patients with chemotherapy drugs. Because of its hygienic and non-toxic properties, it’s widely used in foodservice sanitation. It is also used in the cleaning of medical instrumentation in the dental industry. Stericlaves, as its popular name suggests, is one type of sterile container used for storage and transportation of medical devices, medical specimen, and chemicals.

Other uses of ethylene oxide or its derivatives include storage of high-temperature electronics at low temperatures, vacuum sealing of electronic components at elevated temperatures, electroplating of silver and gold in electronics, and many more. Because of the wide variety of applications and the safety, it provides to both the patient and the medical industry, this product is used in hundreds of applications. It is also used in the manufacturing and distribution of antineoplastic materials, such as pesticides, polymers, fuels, rubber, and composites. Because of its safety features, it is often used for the final processing and packaging of these hazardous products, especially when combined with UV light.

Fully Automatic EOT Sterilizer

Many healthcare companies use ethylene oxide in the production of dilute solutions, which are then used for a variety of applications. Other companies, such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies, use it for the production of UV sterilizers and diluents. Some physicians also prefer to use ethylene oxide sterilizer for the purpose of sterilizing surgical wounds and other areas in the body, especially those that come into contact with bodily fluids. Sterile solutions that contain up to 95% of the chemical are available over the counter at pharmacies and health food stores.

Sterile solutions that contain ethylene oxide can be used to create a variety of environment-safe processes. These include cleaning, drying, and sanitizing work practices in various work settings, such as work stations, surgical rooms, doctor’s offices, laboratories, or medical facilities. It also makes sense to use these solutions on a regular basis, whether you’re using them at home or in the workplace. In fact, there are certain situations where one would find the need to sterilize and cleanse their work environments, which can be achieved by the use of these environmentally safe engineering controls. However, the general public should be wary of the dangers and environmental hazards associated with the use of ethylene oxide in engineering controls, particularly if they have been trained to work with these products or know of anyone who has been exposed to them.

Sterilization of Medical Equipment

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer is one of the vital tools for controlling and preserving moisture in various medical and healthcare sectors. With the advent of the recent medical advancement and other new technologies, there are several demands for high performance and state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment in the medical laboratories. To meet this, specialized techniques and tools are required by the medical institutions and hospitals. One of the most prominent and important tool for the sterilizing of fluids is the Ethylene Oxide or E-Ox. In order to gain more information about its manufacture and application, this article offers a brief insight.

Basically, an EOx is a solution containing 4.2% forms of ethylene oxide gas and is used for cleaning purposes to avoid cross-contamination by biological contamination. The term eo means “below” and hence the solution or material will be below the standards established by different occupational healthcare industries. Since the purpose is to keep the work and surroundings hygienic and safe for the workers, it is necessary for the manufacturers of these devices and tools to adhere to the highest health and safety standards. Hence, all devices and tools that are used for the sterilization of medical and other biological fluids should contain the necessary eo standards.

One of the most popular medical devices that contains ethylene oxide gas sterilizer is the Endoscope. It is the common medical instrument that is used to view the intestines, stomach, and reproductive organs. Since the main use of these devices is to diagnose, monitor, and control diseases within the human body, ethylene oxide gas manufacturer make sure that their products will comply with health and safety standards. The materials, including the endoscopes are made out of non-corrosive materials to prevent the decomposition of the medical device.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer - Hospital Sterilizer

Medical equipment such as endoscopes have to undergo certain maintenance procedures to avoid them from wearing off soon. Since the use of these medical instruments is not limited to medical professionals alone, even ordinary people like you and me can use the same sterility equipment. But in order for us to perform these maintenance procedures, we need to have our devices sterilized. For this, we should turn to professional suppliers who supply oxides Sterilizer, an essential tool in the sterilization process.

Table Top EOT Sterilizer

Some of the other important medical devices sterilized using the oxide are ultrasound machines, and endoscopes. The reason why we see these two medical tools widely used is because they have great utility. The role of ultrasound machines is to generate a high-frequency beam that will run through the body tissues to sanitize them. The light produced by the machine will penetrate into the tissue to illuminate it, thus, causing them to be seen. Endoscopes, on the other hand, are designed to clear a nasal passage to prevent breathing obstruction. Without proper cleansing of the nose, it will cause difficulty in breathing and patients suffering from lung disease will greatly benefit from using the oxide gas sterilizers.

Sterilizing medical equipment is necessary to avoid infection and lessen patient discomfort. Without proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures, bacteria and fungi may spread within the hospital or outside. For better output and for sanitary protection, equipment used within the hospital have to be properly and appropriately used. Proper sanitizing of equipment promotes higher production and reduced chances of contamination, making the product more reliable and more beneficial for all. Sterilization of devices plays a huge role in this industry.

Choosing the Right Sterilizer Machine For Hospital Use

A sterilizer machine for hospital use is an important device that can help to ensure the accuracy and quality of the sterilization processes performed by health care providers. These devices are generally used in medical facilities that require the use of a high level of precision machinery, especially in the area of surgery. Sterilizers for these purposes tend to be very expensive, but are often much more accurate than manual methods. If you are looking into purchasing one for your own use in the medical facility, here are some considerations that you should think about.

The first thing that you will want to take into account when it comes to purchasing  ETO sterilizer for hospital use is what the purpose of the machine will be. Are you simply looking for the ability to perform a quick disinfection, or do you have a large number of patients who will need to be sterilized on a regular basis? If you have a large number of sterilization requests during any given time period, then you may want to consider purchasing a higher-end, automated ETO sterilizer. These devices tend to offer much better quality than those found in smaller offices, and they are also quite cost effective.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer - Hospital Sterilizer

Before you purchase any sterilization equipment for hospital use, you should be sure that you know exactly what type of sterilizer it is that you will need. There are a few different types of sterilizers, including ultrasonic, oxygen-based, and high pressure hand sanitizers. The type that you choose will depend upon the type of sterilization processes that you need the equipment for. For example, if you are performing a high volume of autoclave machine sterilization, you will likely need to purchase an autoclave machine, which is specifically designed for sterilizing medical instruments.

You can purchase a hospital wide autoclave machine for anywhere from three thousand dollars to well over ten thousand dollars. The price will largely depend upon the size and type of equipment that you purchase. If you have a high volume of sterilizing needs, or if you plan on performing multiple treatments on the same day, then it would be wise to purchase a high-end custom-made autoclave machine dental unit. A custom-made autoclave machine, dental unit is designed for sterilizing hundreds of different pieces of dental equipment simultaneously. The high price that this type of sterility medical equipment commands will more than pay for itself within the first year of using it.

Fully Automatic EOT Sterilizer

As previously mentioned, sterilizing medical instruments can be costly, but there is an alternative. A hospital wide autoclave machine offers great value, because it will perform hundreds of different sterilizations without ever needing to be restocked. Because it only requires a standard rechargeable battery, this type of autoclave machine dental unit is perfect for a hospital setting. They are also ideal for a dental practice. Because these units can be quickly and easily moved from location to location, they are perfect for use in a variety of health care settings, including doctor’s offices, rehabilitation facilities, medical centers and nursing homes.

If your hospital uses a number of medical or dental equipment pieces, purchasing a hospital wide autoclave machine dental unit would be a wise investment. Most of these units can be recharged in less than one minute, so if your hospital is on the go a custom made autoclave machine dental unit would be a great investment. These pieces of equipment offer great value and serve many purposes. Because they are easy to recharge, a hospital staff will never be stranded waiting for a sterilizer cartridge to finish recharging.

Frequently Asked Questions on ETO Steriliser

List of Top 6 Questions About Hospital Steriliser

  1. What is an ETO Sterilizer
  2. How does an ETO Steriliser function?
  3. How much is the processing time taken for ETO Sterilisation?
  4. What are the advantages of ETO Sterilisation?
  5. What are the exclusive features of ETO Sterilisers?
  6. What is the scope of use for an ETO Steriliser?

1. What is an ETO Sterilizer?

An ETO (Ethylene Oxide Processing) Sterilizer is an instrument used to sterilize a variety of health care products through the use of a vacuum-based process. The ETO Sterilisation can penetrate the surfaces of most medical devices and the low temperature used by the ETO sterilizer makes it an ideal instrument for a wide variety of materials. ETO steriliser by far is the safest method to sterilize medical devices and preventing any kind of infection and ensuring that the patients have the safest of surgeries and medical treatments. In the present Covid situation sterilization equipment for hospital has played a very critical role in protecting patients and health workers too.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer

2. How does an ETO Steriliser function?

The basic process of an ETO Steriliser involves the primary variables of-

  • Gas Concentration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Time

The EO is an alkylating agent that disrupts cellular metabolism and the reproductive processes of microorganisms. The EO penetrates the breathable packaging and making contact with all the accessible surfaces of the product to deliver the required sterility assurance level.  The ETO enters the chamber via evaporation with an amount of steam to keep the humidity level up as well as to ensure that the ETO is reaching all parts of the loading system.  Subsequently, the required concentration in the chamber and load is achieved and the sterilization thus begins.

3. How much is the processing time taken for ETO Sterilisation?

The basic ETO Sterilization cycle consists of five stages of preconditioning, humidification, gas introduction, exposure, evacuation, and air washes. It can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours for the process which includes the aeration time. The aeration is done to remove any residue and most of the modern ETO’s combine the sterilization and aeration in the same chamber.

4. What are the advantages of ETO Sterilisation?

The main advantages of an ETO Steriliser are-

  • It can sterilize heat or moisture-sensitive medical equipment without having deleterious effects on the material used in the medical devices.
  • The EO or the hospital sterilizer machine are very efficient in destroying microorganisms.
  • They offer a large sterilizing volume capacity which makes it ideal for hospital and large establishment uses.
  • It acts as a non-corrosive agent to metal, plastic, and rubber materials. It can effectively sterilize any kind of polymers, resins, and natural materials.

5. What are the exclusive features of ETO Sterilisers?

  • They have a leak test function which ensures that there is no scope for defects and the instruments are sterilized without any wastage
  • ETO Steriliser manufacturers ensure that the chamber and the cabinets are made out of the finest quality of steel and components which comply with international standards as they are majorly exported
  • There is a provision for negative pressure in the ETO sterilizer working to prevent the gas from entering. Besides, there is strict control of the vacuum and temperature of the chamber and its exposure.

6. What is the scope of use for an ETO Steriliser?

ETO Sterilisers are very useful in a lot of health care facilities and also in critical industrial uses. It is used in sterilizing moisture and heat-sensitive devices that find it difficult to be sterilized by the steaming process. Amongst the industrial uses, it can be attributed for use in hospitals, research laboratories, medical colleges, pharmaceuticals, and a few food industries. Preventing contamination and promoting disinfection practices have been adopted worldwide and with growing trends of the same, it is bound to expand its scope immensely shortly.

Rising Demand for Hospital Sterilisers in Developing Countries

Hospital sterilizers are typically used in healthcare facilities and are equipment that uses steam under pressure to retard any harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores present on any item required for use.  They are used all over the world and highly customizable. The sterilization cycles are advanced with all its components meeting the highest quality standards and with the most advanced technologies available across the globe.

Reason for the Rising demand for Hospital Sterilizers in Developing Countries

Developing countries owing to their population are highly prone to chronic disease and with the considerable increase in surgical procedures the need to disinfect and sterilize medical devices has become inevitable. There has been a rising awareness in consumers about the prevention of ( HAI- hospital-acquired infections) and the government in these developing countries has also adopted a lot of regulations to boost the adaption of hospital grade sterilization devices across hospitals and health care facilities. Another factor that can be attributed to the rising demand is that sterilization equipment manufacturers are consistently aiming to develop technically advanced devices to gain a competitive edge.

Table Top EOT Sterilizer

They have been implementing various strategies to increase the global presence as they have felt the need to educate citizens about their well-being. The rising need for sanitization in the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic has further strengthened their belief and enhanced the demand for hospital sterilization equipment During the outbreak patient to patient pathogen transmission via medical devices can be precisely prevented. In developing countries, the high demand for sterilization equipment is also witnessed from the pharmaceutical industry for the reason of ensuring the efficacy of the final product. This also has been a key factor in driving its massive share in the market.

The growing prevalence of focus on health care facilities across the developing countries along with a rising pattern in their per capita expenditure on healthcare has been promoting the market for Sterilisers of Hospitals. Their need is realized in surgical centers, long-term care facilities nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. In the geriatric population, infants and patients with low immunity are prone to HAI. Developing countries with their population base have found an increase in the incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer inbound to increase the hospital admission rates, indirectly contributing massively to the demand for hospital sterilization equipment. The lack of sanitation leading to more medical complications is anticipated to increase its demand further.

Future of Hospital Sterilisers

Looking at the future, ETO sterilization is bound to grow at a faster pace due to its efficient turnaround cycles. This device has a simple user interface that all hospitals can operate, have access to and afford. The Ethylene Oxide gas sterilizers provide a robust patient safeguard and are safe. It does not damage the device during the sterilization process as this equipment is expensive and high-tech which are obtained by developing countries. The ETO machines comply with international standards and the main advantage of this technology is that it has high efficacy, penetrating capability, excellent materials compatibility, and low cost in use. The increase of vaccines production to combat Covid 19 boosts the demand for ETO sterilization chambers. The reasons undoubtedly for a growing trend in the market are the rising expenditure in the medical field, cutthroat competition, new product launches, expansion of health ministry as well as health projects in developing countries.

ETO Steriliser – Export Market Overview for Medical Sterility Equipment

Ethylene Oxide is a very efficient sterilizing agent as well as a bactericide, sporicide, and viricide. Its properties include a very favourable diffusion coefficient and are used for thermosensitive or very delicate materials. The ETO processing is widely used for the sterilization of health care devices and instruments. This process involves exposure to ethylene oxide gas under a vacuum in a sealed chamber to ensure that a safe and sterile product is delivered to the market every time.

Key factors driving the ETO Sterilizer market globally

Sterilization Equipment usage is classified based on the end-user where major users are reported to be hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies. The use entails the destroying of all forms of microbial life and transmissible agents. The driving factors of sterilization services are increasing due to the prevalence of healthcare-associated infections and the increasing number of surgical procedures worldwide. Also, the development opportunities in emerging countries have a positive effect on the growth of the market in the forecast years. Technological advancement in recent years is projected to increase the demand even further. The indirect demand for the ETO Sterilisation is also increasing because rising cases of chronic illness, elderly population, and pediatric care are the main factors leading to an increased demand for advanced health care facilities.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer

The geographical region dominating the use of ETO sterilizers is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. These geographical areas have focused majorly on lifestyle betterment and export to these countries hold a major share in the Indian markets. They are appreciated for dimensional accuracy, leak-proof behavior, chemical, and heat resistant features.

Trends challenges and barriers that will impact the development and sizing of the Global ETO market– High installation and utility costs associated with sterilization technologies along with an increase in regulatory pressures especially in the pandemic has been a challenge in the growth of this market but continuous advancements, ideas, and  Research and development activities have helped overcome the hurdles in Indian Market. The global increase in economic growth rate is expected to increase government support for Sterility Medical Device to prevent infections worldwide.

Industrial ETO Sterilizer
Industrial ETO Sterilizer

Market Overview– The Global Sterilisation Market was valued at $ 5768 million in 2015 and researchers expect it to reach $ 8578 million by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2016 to 2022. In India, Ethylene Oxide gas sterilizer demand is anticipated to achieve a healthy CAGR of 6.8% by the year 2025 while the demand in 2019 stood at 1615 thousand tonnes. The usage of reprocessed equipment to sterilize medical devices across the globe is expected to rise during the pandemic and afterward since improper decontamination of surgical instruments, endoscopic devices, and respiratory devices can increase the chances of Covid 19 or the new variants. End users like hospitals and medical device companies are increasingly adopting sterilization services throughout their production lines due to mandates introduced by government and regulatory bodies to maintain compliance with good manufacturing practices( GMP). With an increasing focus on personal hygiene, face masks and gloves, and single-use products are further expected to drive the growth of sterilization in coming years. Based on the method, the sterilization markets have been categorized into ETO, gamma sterilization, e –beam radiation sterilization, steam sterilization, and x-ray sterilization.  However, the ETO sterilization segment has accounted for the largest share of sterilization services in 2020 in the world( based on the study of

The state-of-the-art equipment technology with unmatched features and exemplary customer support has helped to improvise and introduce innovative designs that can cater to the global markets.

Measures Adopted by Hospitals for Sterilization and Its Benefits

Hospital Steriliser-Disinfection and sterilization of hospitals are essential to ensure that medical and surgical instruments do not transmit infectious pathogens. Sterilization is the complete elimination or destruction of all forms of microbial life and is accomplished in hospitals by physical and chemical processes. One such advanced method is the use of ETO Sterilisers to sterilize surgical equipment and hospital supplies that are heat sensitive or that cannot tolerate excess moisture. The ETO sterilization or the hospital sterilizers can be used to sterilize most rubber or plastic products like catheters and most resuscitation bags, anaesthesia masks, most fibre-optic instruments.

Process of ETO Sterilisation– The basic sterilization cycle consists of five stages like preconditioning and humidification, gas introduction, exposure, evacuation, and air washes, and takes approximately two to two and half hours which includes aeration time. Ethylene oxide sterilizers are comprised of a sterilizing chamber with an air inlet that includes a bacteria retentive filter, a steam inlet, gas conditioner, vacuum pump, ETO cylinder, and a vacuum system to vent the gas from the chamber to an exhausting drain directly out. The microbicidal activity of ETO steriliser is considered to be the result of the alkylation of protein, DNA, and RNA. Alkylation or the replacement of a hydrogen atom with an alkyl group, within cells prevents normal cellular metabolism and replication which can reduce the chances of spread of infection.

Operating steps– Whichever hospital equipment needs to be sterilized is cleaned of contaminants and rinsed with distilled water to remove any detergent or tap water residue. The items are then placed inside the sterilized chamber for the duration of the process.

Industrial ETO Sterilizer Machine

Benefits of ETO Sterilisation

  • Low Temperature- With minimal temperature, the main advantage of this hospital sterilizer is that it can sterilize heat- or moisture-sensitive medical equipment without deleterious effects on the material used in the medical devices.
  • High Efficiency- This sterilization equipment for the hospital can destroy any microorganisms including the most resistant of spores.
  • Large Sterilisation Volume- It can handle a huge volume due to a sizeable chamber.
  • Eliminates the spread of infection- There may be many unidentified substances on hospital equipment and surgical instruments. To avoid any risk of infection, sterilizing hospital equipment is the best solution as any breeding ground for surviving germs is eliminated.
  • Safety of Equipment- In hospitals, high precision tools, and expensive instruments are used and for their long-term safety and longevity, the hospital sterilizer must be used so that they do not have a corrosion-related problem.

A hospital sterilizer is a key to the sterilization of medical instruments used in hospitals for everyday surgery procedures and patient services. It has become a modern medical care instrument and hospital sterilization companies, as well as manufacturers, specialize in fully automatic hospital sterilizers with high quality and high tech features. They have successfully been focusing on quality and setting high standards for the manufacture and designing of sterilization equipment for the hospital.

Importance of Hospital Sterilisers– WHO (World Health Organisation) strongly advises all medical facilities to sterilize instruments that may have come in contact with fluids that originate from inside the body. The sterilization for the hospital is vital for all parties involved like the doctors and patients alike. There should be a fail-safe precaution in a place where any (HAI- Healthcare-associated infection) is eliminated.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Guideline for Healthcare Industries

Sterilization is the process of eliminating micro-organisms that includes resistant bacteria and other allergens. This process requires specialized sterilizer machines to achieve the desired results. If you are thinking about how this process works and why it is critical for various industry sectors, here’s a guide to help you!

Evolution of the Sterilization Technology

For achieving effective results, you need to pay attention to the method and the equipment used. The process of sterilization has evolved over the years, and new techniques are gaining popularity over traditional ones. Getting rid of contaminants from critical medical equipment is essential. Hence, monitoring the process is vital.

New methods include ethylene oxide sterilizer, ionizing radiation, and many more. Out of all the methods mentioned, ethylene oxide sterilizers are a common sterilization technique for medical devices.

What is Ethylene Oxide?

The versatile ethylene oxide is an alkylating gas with high penetrating properties. It is capable of eliminating most viruses, bacteria, and other bacterial spores. Due to its beneficial properties, it is a common agent used in chemical sterilization. Since it is available in the gas form, it penetrates rapidly into the packaging and the items that need sterilization. Ethylene oxide sterilizers are popular because they are compatible with most materials.

Why is Ethylene Oxide Used to Sterilize Medical Devices?

As mentioned above, ethylene oxide sterilizers is an alkylating agent that is effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Most traditional processes such as steam or dry-heat are only convenient for heat-stable and non-aqueous materials. Moreover, traditional methods can alter the physical properties of the products. On the other hand, EO sterilizers are ideal for thermo-sensitive materials. With advanced ETO sterilization machines and professional expertise, you can reduce the time taken for process completion.

What Devices are Sterilized With Ethylene Oxide?

Using safe and secure medical devices is essential for preventing any infection and ensuring the safety of the patient. There are a variety of medical devices that use ethylene oxide gas sterilizers. They can be medical devices for general health care practices, such as wound dressings and syringes, or they can be for healthcare devices for specific body areas such as prosthetics and stents. You can also use the ethylene oxide sterilizer for surgical equipment and supplies that cannot tolerate heat or excessive moisture.

How EO Processing Occurs?

For optimum results, you need to make sure that appropriate sterilization conditions are determined. The EO processing occurs when the following parameters are considered:

  • Gas Concentration- Since the nature of ethylene oxide is volatile, they are mixed with suitable inert gases.
  • Temperature- You should monitor the temperature to ensure that the device material does not deteriorate.
  • Humidity- ethylene oxide gas sterilizers require sufficient humidity.
  • Exposure time-You should let the exposure time exceed than required.

How Does the ETO Sterilization Cycle Occur?

With the help of a reliable ETO sterilizer manufacturer, you can ensure that the process works efficiently and delivers the best results. The ETO sterilization phase consists of the three following steps:

  1. Conditioning- Provide appropriate heating and humidity conditions for the stimulation of microbial growth. You need to ensure that the temperature conditions are set effectively.
  2. Sterilization- At this stage, the device is introduced to the agent at the specified temperature range, RH%, and pressure levels.
  3. Ventilation- The residual particles are taken out.

Microbicidal Activity of ETO

Ethylene oxide sterilizers are popular in the healthcare industry since they have excellent microbicidal activity. That means the ETO process has high efficacy for eliminating resistant bacterial spores.

What Are the Advantages of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization?

Ethylene oxide sterilizers are a low-temperature technique and one of the industry’s favorite for good reasons. They have shown commendable results in eradicating the traces of bacteria spores and many microorganisms from critical medical devices that cannot withstand heat and moisture. The gentle yet thorough nature of these hospital sterilizers results in lower residue levels. This leads to shorter aeration time.

Furthermore, the flexibility in temperature monitoring helps you to sterilize multiple devices and materials. Advanced machinery can be useful to shorten the exposure time and get desired results faster.

Industrial ETO Sterilizer

Are There Any Guidelines for Sterilization in the Healthcare Industry?

Yes. There are FDA guidelines on the use of hospital sterilizers. The guidelines state how to develop, validate, and control different processes for the sterilization of various medical devices. It also guides you about the acceptable residue level after the process. These standards are available in detail for the safety and security of the patients. Some sterilizing agents can be dangerous to handle. Hence, conducting the process under the FDA regulation is critical. It will ensure that the agents on the medical devices are within safe limits.

Global Demand of Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide sterilizers are experiencing a surge in demand, thanks to their efficient results. With the rapid advancement of technology, they can even reach complicated areas. Their cost-effectiveness also has enhanced their global demand. The healthcare industry is rapidly adopting this modern sterilizing technology, and are moving forward with it to tackle infectious microorganisms.

Growing Demand of Industrial ETO Sterilizer

Many factors contribute to the rise of ETO sterilizers. They penetrate through the surface of the breathable material and eradicate various microorganisms for the best quality assurance. If you are in the healthcare industry and looking for the best hospital sterilizers, this technique is the ideal choice for you. It continues to be the contemporary technology for the sterilization of modern medical devices worldwide.

Where Are Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers Used?

Ethylene oxide gas sterilizers have seen an overwhelming usage across various industrial verticals. They are popular in the chemical industry, laparoscopy and endoscopy use, surgical medical devices, and ophthalmic use. By consulting with a reputed ETO sterilizer manufacturer, you can customize the machine as per your requirements for your unique application.

Is Using ETO Sterilizers Safe?

Ethylene oxide is available in gas form and can be volatile if not treated carefully. While ETO sterilizers are the best agent available for bacteria elimination, they require professional handling to achieve the desired results. You will need safety equipment during the process and ensure that the exposure time is ideal. Furthermore, you need to follow the FDA guidelines for the safety and security of your employees.

Are ETO Sterilization Machines Reliable?

Yes, they are reliable and make the process easier. ETO sterilization machines have advanced features to ensure that the sterilization process helps you reduce the cycle time. Accurate gas concentration and temperature uniformity, with safety features make them an ideal choice in the healthcare industry.

How to Choose the Best Sterilization Technique?

With the advent of cutting edge technologies, it is possible to ensure the complete sterilization of critical medical devices. However, you need to consider some key parameters. The compatibility of the material with the sterilizers and the compliance with the regulatory rules is vital for the choosing the technology. ETO sterilizers are a popular choice among medical professionals and are cost-effective. Moreover, various sterilizer machines can help you achieve precise results with a limited time.

Role of ETO Sterilizer for Modern Needs

Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilisation (ETO) is a gas that is colourless and flammable and can sterilize heat or moisture-sensitive medical equipment without any side effects on the material used in the medical device. The role that the ETO sterilizer machine plays has increased doubly in the context of the Covid situation. With the pandemic affecting millions of people, ETO steriliser plays a very critical role in protecting patients and health care workers. ETO is the safest way to sterilize medical devices and helpful in preventing infections and ensuring patients have the safest of surgeries and medical treatments.

Table Top ETO Sterilizer
Table Top ETO Sterilizer

Medical devices vary as per shape and size and complexity and hence Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer remains the only option. There are options like steam, radiation, and other sterilants but they do not guarantee assurance. The main advantages of ETO sterilisers are that there is no material degradation and the hazardous risks are reduced. FDA quality regulations insist that all ETO sterilizer manufacturers validate their ETO machines in compliance with international standards. Covid has upset many situations be it health finance or social. In this context, sterilization has a bigger and more frequent role to play. What was probably done in a certain frequency, Covid now demands sterilization more frequently.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer
Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer

ETO sterilization process –Ethylene Oxide which is gas is permeable through most devices and at low temperature and through vacuum-based technique can sterilize the majority of the equipment. This hospital sterilization consists of four variables like gas concentration, humidity, temperature, and time. What makes it unique is that even sterilizes the packaging material like the cartons and the boxes in which it is packed. The basic ETO sterilization cycle consists of five stages (i.e., preconditioning and humidification, gas introduction, exposure, evacuation, and air washes) and takes approximately 2 1/2 hours excluding aeration time.

Role in Covid circumstances – Masks and gloves have become compulsory paraphernalia to our living and synonymous with our existence. Syringes, gowns, masks, catheters, and respiratory devices are few classic examples that can be sterilized by ETO sterilization. This can target viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms. This contributes to the hygiene as well as the mental security of the patients and the medical staff or whoever enters the premises and gets in contact with the equipment. The expiry date of the sterilization usually ranges up to 2 months but can be extended to a shelf of six to twelve months with commercially available plastic covers and this is also an effective tool in battling against the pandemic called Covid 19.

How it can combat Covid 19– The microbicidal activity of ETO is considered to be the result of the alkylation of protein, DNA, and RNA. Alkylation or the replacement of a hydrogen atom with an alkyl group, within cells prevents normal cellular metabolism and replication which can reduce the chances of spread.

Uses of ETO – A lot of health care facilities and also the industrial uses that are critical and semi-critical are moisture and heat sensitive and cannot be sterilized by the steaming process. The industrial ETO sterlisers contributes towards hospital, laboratories and medical college’s sterilization machinery. A lot of Pharmaceutical and Food industry also finds the Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers very effective.

Before the ETO is done, aeration is done to remove any residues and most of the modern machines combine sterilization and aeration in the same chamber.

Rational use of ETO – Based on the current research, Covid 19 is transmitted between people through close contact and droplets. Airborne transmission may also occur and it is our sole responsibility and the use of such facilities supports and keeps humankind very safe. Environmental and engineering control aims at preventing contamination with total cleaning and disinfection. These standard practices are been adopted worldwide. The progress in this field has been immense and with the current research and development, it remains a very promising field to explore.