EO Sterilizer – What You Should Know

The EO Sterilizer is a medical Sterile Oxygenator. It sterilizes solutions containing high levels of oxygen and converts them to a dry powder, leaving behind no residue or odors. This is a simple and cost effective process of pre-sterilizing and using sterile equipment to prepare sterile solutions. The manufacturer has been in the business of medical equipment for over thirty years and has proven the products they make to be effective and safe.

This Sterile Oxidizer has a stainless steel chamber with a nonporous oxygen permeable lid and an oxidizing plate. A pre-heating solution is placed into the chamber and incubated for about fifteen minutes, while two disposable bags are placed on top of the solution and ruptured to let the solution flow out of the bags. Once the solution is sterile, it is removed and placed in the sterilizer. The sterilizer works by having two different compartments: the oxidizing plate which is open at the bottom and a microchamber with a pre-set threshold for the activation of the oxygen ions.

Both chambers have a rubber sealing layer, which prevents air bubbles from forming during the sterilizing process. The EO Sterilizer consists of three major parts: the oxidizing plate, the pre-heating chamber, and the post-heating chamber. All three of these parts work together to achieve better permeation of oxygen through the solution, as well as an enhanced level of safety for the user. One additional feature of this sterilizer is the ability to adjust the strength or duration of the pre sterilizing cycle, allowing greater flexibility in the use of this product in a wide range of applications.

The EO Sterilizer also includes a built-in, sterilizing chamber, which allows for the easy pre-sterilizing of water vapor before it goes into the air chamber to be released into the airflow. This process of pre-sterilizing the water vapor before ventilating into the air chamber has a number of benefits. First, it allows for higher concentrations of oxygen to be breathed into the lungs, and thus, the chances of a panic attack or other anxiety-related breathing difficulties are reduced.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer - Hospital Sterilizer

The pre-heating portion of the EO Sterilizer includes a number of cycles of pre-heated water vapor. This process has proven to be more effective than using a traditional incubator for a number of reasons. First, the EO Sterilizer has a number of cycles with differing strengths, so that less oxygen is wasted during each cycle. In addition, the EO Sterilizer can use less gas during the sterilization process, therefore saving money on the overall cost of the unit.

Many medical device manufacturers have chosen to incorporate a number of benefits from this validated technology into their EO Sterilizer products. The validation per cycle ensures that the product is as close to perfectly sterile as possible, thus ensuring the highest quality possible.