ETO Machine Working Principle

The ETO machine is a very efficient device for the sterilization of medical devices. The water ring rotary pumps are designed to maintain an optimum concentration of ETO in the chamber. It is also used for preparing the environment for the process of ETO reprocessing. The chamber is heated by steam to keep it constant. Air is removed during the preconditioning step to allow the gas to penetrate the chamber.

The temperature and humidity are set to a certain level. The maximum vacuum set point of the ETO machine depends on the type of product and its packaging tolerance. The steam ensures that the sterilizer is completely airless. The ETO solution is then introduced into the chamber. After a while, the steam enters the chamber again to add more ETO to the chamber. The ETO solution is absorbed by most plastic materials.

The temperatures of the ETO solution vary. The lower the temperature, the longer the exposure time and the lower the temperature. Generally, the ETO process temperature ranges from 25 to 55degC. It is used for the sterilization of materials and long lumen instruments. It is also used for sterilising food. This process is extremely safe and requires no special maintenance. However, if you’re in the middle of a production cycle, it’s a good idea to switch to the fully automatic operating mode.

The ETO sterilization process is similar to that of pressure cookers in the kitchen. The machine introduces steam into the sterilization chamber, which is then exhausted. It takes about an hour to complete the entire cycle, but you can extend it to a maximum of six cycles. This can be done by increasing the number of evacuations. But this can affect the design and construction of the packaging and affect the quality and efficiency of the product.

A well-designed ETO sterilization process is a complex process. The parameters of an ETO sterilization process must be thoroughly studied to be sure that it is safe. Once the machine is properly configured, the contents of the chamber are sterilized and the temperature remains at the desired setpoint. The sterilization process can be customized for different medical devices. The equipment used should be designed according to the requirements. Moreover, an EO process can be used for sterilizing a wide range of materials.

The ETO sterilizer can be used for sterilisation of medical devices. Its chamber is large enough to accommodate the entire load. It can be equipped with a chamber with a capacity of up to seven m3. The process of sterilisation can also be automated. Nevertheless, it should be checked by the relevant authorities before being used for medical purposes. A good ETO machine should be designed with the capacity to process the desired number of items.