ETO Sterilizer to Ensure the Hospital Sanitation

Sterilization is the process to eliminate the presence of undesirable microorganisms to reduce the chances of harmful infections. So it is a process of deactivating the biological forms of life. Heat, Chemicals, Filtration, High Pressure, etc. are the methods to attain sterilization. However,  there are multiple ways to ensure that the surrounding environment is microbes free and some of these methods are Sanitization, Pasteurization, Disinfection. Post disinfection the cleansed object is termed as sterile.

Types of ETO Sterilizer and Its Implacability

Steam sterilizer, may it be electric sterilizer or microwave steam sterilizer, Autoclave, Gas Sterilizer, etc. are frequently used in hospitals. Gas Sterilizer is quite in fashion and has been used in Hospitals for 40 years. One such example is EO Sterilizer. Ethylene Oxide is an antimicrobial agent that eradicates any chance of microbial survival in the object. It is an alternate device available to the objects in the hospital which cannot be disinfected through any other methods. EO Sterilizers were first invented in the 1950s and have a working temperature of 25- 55 degrees Celcius, consuming an operating time of 16-18 hours and effectiveness of 80-90 % ceasing the microbial activity.

Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer
Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer

Hospital Sterilizer is one of the powerful tools that kill the microorganisms in a controlled environment. Small EO sterilizers are also used to organize material compatibility solutions and even qualify these products for most challenging parameters such as at special low temperature or low humidity where EO cycles can be modified and validated to avoid the issue of material compatibility. Hospital sterilizers are large in size generally in the size of 20 L, 25L, 38L or even 50 L.  At Hospitals, EO Sterilize medical instruments that are used in healthcare facilities where it is compulsory to make critical items sterile before use, which is sensitive to moisture or heat. Heat sensitive items are generally disinfected by steam sterilization but there are certain other instruments that can only be sterilized by EO Sterilizer.

Industrial ETO Sterilizer Manufacturers & global demand

Industrial EO Sterilizer Manufacturers use stainless steel to build a robust body framework of sterilizer with automatic function, multi-cycle option and screen touch operation which makes it easy to regulate. Industrial ETO Sterilizer Exporters today have a huge potential market to unleash their product in the target market. The current trend in the global market was projected at $ 43 million and is expected to be in the range of $52 million, growing at an annual rate of 3.2%. The ASEAN nations, North American Countries, Some Asian countries, etc. have been opening the market for hospital sterilizer to ensure a safe environment at Hospitals. Some Industrial ETO Sterilizer manufacturers also manufacture separate ETO Gas cartridge which to are in great demand in hospitals for a refill. The reasons behind the growing trend in the market for Hospital Sterilizers include rising expenditure in the medical field, cut-throat competition, new product launch, expansion of health ministry as well as health projects in developing countries.