Maintenance Tips for ETO Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide Sterilization is a process that is used to sterilize materials and products that could be damaged by methods involving heat, moisture, or radiation. This role is accomplished by Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers that sterilize heat and moisture sensitive devices which could be damaged by pure steam or chemical sterilization. It is typically used to reduce the microbial population accumulated on these materials. There are two major objectives of an ETO Sterilizer. While the obvious one is health protection, it also aids in increasing the shelf life of treated materials. These include all plastic or rubber products and are instrumental in sterilizing medical equipment like catheters, anesthesia masks, and fiber optic instruments, etc.

Features of ETO Sterilizer

The Sterilizer machine provides an automatic cycle progression through the vacuum, exposure sterilizing and aerating phases.

The Control panel screen in it indicates specific phases in the sterilization process.

It has strict control of vacuum, the temperature of the chamber, exposure (aeration time) for effective performance.

Industrial ETO Sterilizer

Advantage of ETO Sterilizer

The ETO sterilizer machine can kill all microorganisms including any spores, bacteria, and fungi, etc.

The ethylene oxide in Sterilizer does not corrode plastics, metals, and rubber, which helps to prevent any yellowing or brittleness in the material to be sterilized.

The Sterilizer can help ethylene oxide to penetrate inside the most irregular and impermeable of articles for sterilization purpose making it very effective in use.

It is an effective instrument for sterilization of any substance that cannot be soaked in disinfectants, or sterilized by dry heat, steam, pressure, and other chemical gases.      

Sterilization and disinfection when properly done can ensure the safe use of non-invasive as well as invasive medical devices.

The ETO Sterilizer is used in strict accordance with the safety operation procedures laid down. A few maintenance guidelines are as follows-

  1. Operation Process Index which includes maximum working pressure and maximum working temperature of the sterilization cabinet should be monitored.
  2.  The Operation Methods, procedures, and precautions of the sterilization cabinet should be strictly followed.
  3.  During the operation and operation, the main materials and components should be well inspected as well as any abnormal phenomena noted. Also, the preventive measures during the operation should be well adhered to.
  4. A proper maintenance method should be adopted while the equipment is out of use.
Industrial ETO Sterilizer Machine

Sterilizer Maintenance Tips– A few maintenance tips in observing work practice are important as listed.

  1. The ETO Sterilizer, aerator must at least have a scheduled preventive maintenance program as supervised by a well-trained person.
  2. Compressed air or some other approved substitute should be used when servicing EO Sterilizers or running any test cycles. The EO Sterilizing mixtures should be used only when sterilizing loads.
  3. The access area behind the wall-mounted sterilizers should be locked. Also, no other EO gas resource should be stored in the access area.

In a Nutshell, the recommended guidelines are –

  • Proper training and supervision
  • Correct Work Practices
  • Monitoring
  • Regulated areas
  • Sterilization Maintenance
  • Maintenance of the Gas cylinders and Gas Charging lines
  • Storage of ETO gas cartridges and Sterilization Rolls
  • Ventilation of Sterility Equipment
  • Emergency procedures and warning signs

An ETO sterilizer finds its uses in applications like Hospitals, health care centers, Pharmacy laboratories, medical research, and microbiological research purposes. With such extensive application and research needs, the need for ETO Sterilizers is on the increase. ETO sterilizer manufacturers produce high-quality equipment known for their reliable performance and the tips and measures to maintain the efficacy of such equipment play a pivotal role as they require precision delivery. The Industrial ETO Steriliser Machines show good sterility assurance and high thorough-put and are even exported globally.