Role Of Ribbon Blender In Different Industries

An industrial-power tool, a ribbon blender is used for melding large quantities of content in several specific industries. The blender derives its name from the ribbon-shaped, thin metal mixers that conduct the blend.

The iconic Ribbon Blender has multipurpose applications throughout the manufacture of fruit, liquor, medicine, medical, chemical, rubber, agricultural and other goods. Keeping in view the.


Most ribbon blenders have an energy running motor, a large content preservation trough, and a ribboned agitator that blends.


Owing to the unique configuration of the agitator, a ribbon blender substance movement near to the discharge point in the trough, combining the liquids very well with none unnecessary locations.


Ribbon blenders come in a whole range of sizes and capacities, with versions built to accommodate as much as 25,000 liters or more down from as little as five liters of liquid.

Ribbon Blender


Ribbon blenders consist of a horizontal U-shaped trough and agitator composed of axially angled inner and outer helical ribbons, in opposing directions and often to transfer material radially.

This blend encourages quick and detailed mixing. Tip speeds are common within the 300 feet/min range.


  1. Powder Blending.
  2. Coating Particles with a Minimum Ingredient.
  3. Mixing Solids of Different Shapes and Sizes.
  4. Preparing Solid-Liquid Suspensions.
  5. Slurry and Paste Mixing.
  6. Vacuum Drying.


  • Ribbon blender in the fertilizers industry: Fertilizer Ribbon Blender, it has the advantage of higher power and better mixing performance relative to other blenders. At any point the two axes are operating in partial motion such that the raw materials can be combined somewhat, being used widely in the manufacture of natural fertilizers.

  • Ribbon blender in Dyestuffs and Chemical Industry: The RIBBON BLENDER is a ribbon mixing tool commonly employed in the manufacture of dry powder, talcum powder, granules, seasoning, and low viscosity paste and liquid in chemicals industries.
  • Ribbon blender in the Insecticides / Pesticides industry: Ribbon blender combination is ideal for insecticides; dry and wet powder quantities are treated by the pesticide industry. It consists of a horizontal “U” tube, with a shaft-mounted horizontally.

  • Ribbon blender in Mineral & Other industry: RIBBON BLENDER / POWDER MIXER. Ideal for homogeneous mixing of dried powders with varying bulk densities used in the Mineral and various industries. It is a quick and flexible mixer which can also blend semi-wet stuff. Ribbons of different types are required to accommodate the numerous components.

  • Ribbon blender in the Pigments Colors industry: Ribbon Blenders is designed to offer a strong mixing capacity, mixing tiny quantities into large stocks. Ribbon Blender is primarily meant for use of dry products, while fuel and fluid streams can also be added. There is a broad variety of configurations usable, for either batch or continuous blending.

RIBBON Mixers were developed to procure unnecessary blending competencies and are considered one of the most powerful pieces of equipment available in the market.